Branding and Interactive Design / KKT SRL / 2013

I worked with Routist team of practioners and researchers in the field of Operations Research, with an insane obsession for new Web technologies. Team goal is to provide their customers an innovative management software that combines an awesome user experience with powerful state-of-the-art Operations Research tools.

About Routist
Make your routes smarter! Supporting strategical, tactical and operational decisions, Routist helps companies to achieve better fleet performances such as minimizing time, distances and transport costs, improving service efficiency and customers satisfaction.

Strategy and UX Lead: Lorenzo Moschi
Art Direction and Design: Lorenzo Moschi
Development: Marco Gualtieri, Tommaso Bianconcini, David Di Lorenzo.
Production: Alessandro Lori, Fabio Shoen
Honors & Features: Behance Web Design Served
Clients: KKT SRL